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Vol. 11, No. 2         February, 2011

February 2011

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New paper published in Micron!

Methods for the preparation and microscopic study of Nanogold® and Undecagold-labeled nucleic acids, as well as their applications in building nanostructured materials and nanodevices, are discussed in our recent paper in Micron:

Powell, R. D., and Hainfeld, J. F.: Preparation and high-resolution microscopy of gold cluster labeled nucleic acid conjugates and nanodevices. Micron, 42, 163-174 (2011).
Abstract (courtesy of Science Direct).

New Research Applications

Check our expanded online library of applications – we have added two papers presented at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2010 meeting:

  1. Large Covalently Linked Fluorescent and Gold Nanoparticle Immunoprobes
    Using FluoroNanogold™ with larger gold nanoparticles. This study presents some new results.
  2. Gold Labeling of Protein Fusion Tags for EM
    New results using 5 nm Ni-NTA-Nanogold, and other investigations into new expression tags.

Larger Nanogold® labels coming soon!

When it comes to gold nanoparticles, slightly bigger is often better — especially if you want plasmonic or electronic properties that only kick in for particles bigger than Nanogold®. We are developing larger gold nanoparticle labels with the same specific, controlled covalent reactivity as Nanogold®; we have already presented preliminary results with 3 nm Nanogold® particles and 10 nm Nanogold® particles, and we are planning a new product line soon.

Keep an eye on Nanoprobes.com for the latest, and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter-- we'll keep you updated on our progress.


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