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Visit Nanoprobes at AACR 2016!

Let us help you spot and track tumors live, and get great images of proteins and structures of study. Two of our best scientists will be on hand, to answer questions and find custom solutions for your specific project.

Both Dr. Jim Hainfeld, and Dr. Rick Powell will be on hand to answer questions.

Come see us at Booth #2351!

Unique products for cancer research:

We invite you to visit Nanoprobes, a leader in gold nanoparticle technology for biological imaging, microscopy and detection, at the AACR Annual Meeting 2016. Stop by booth #2351 to learn more about our products and technology:
  • Pre-clinical micro CT and microscopy imaging agents
  • Dual-labeled fluorescent and gold immunoprobes
  • Nanoparticle labels
  • Ultrasensitive detection and visualization reagents

Image tumors, blood vessels, or kidneys by micro CT

Our gold nanoparticle contrast agent, AuroVist™, provides high contrast and contrast resolution with long blood pool residence (24 hours or more) for pre-clinical and research imaging.

MicroCT of brain of live mouse after IV injection of AuroVist-15 nm

MicroCT of brain of live mouse after IV injection of AuroVist™-15 nm. Right: Skull computationally removed revealing brain vasculature.

Immunolabeling for correlative microscopy

Localize cellular and molecular targets by correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy with our combined fluorescent and gold probe, FluoroNanogold™.

Correlative fluorescence and EM image of caveolin labeled with Alexa Fluor 594 FluoroNanogold™-Streptavidin
Correlative fluorescence and transmission electron microscope images of caveolin labeled with primary antibody, biotinylated secondary, and tertiary Alexa Fluor 594 FluoroNanogold™-Streptavidin (courtesy of T. Takizawa and J. M. Robinson, Ohio State University).

We will be introducing Alexa Fluor 647 FluoroNanogold™ shortly. This new probe is optimized for correlative superresolution fluorescence and electron microscopy. Plus…you can label or probe almost any biomolecular target at on the nanometer scale with our wide range of Nanogold®-antibody probes and gold nanoparticle labeling reagents.

Western blots? GoldiBlot™ might be for you

Could you use a faster, less expensive alternative to anti-His tag antibodies? Detect and visualize His-tagged proteins simply in about an hour using our GoldiBlot™ detection and development kit. Or use EnzMet™, our metallographic peroxidase substrate, for crisper, cleaner visualization of non-His-tagged proteins.

Western blot showing detection of His-tagged ATF and YY1 proteins using GoldiBlot

Detection of His-tagged ATF and YY1 proteins using GoldiBlot™ detection kit.

Available shortly: Magnetic Nanoparticles

FerroMag™ is a magnetic nanoparticle that may be used for imaging or magnetic heating in small animal or preclinical research studies. Our unique, specially formulated coating ensures high stability, minimal toxicity and maximum possible biocompatibility.

Ferromag magnetic particles showing protective biocompatible ligand shell, and thermal heating in an oscillating magnetic field

Ferromag™, Nanoprobes' non-toxic magnetic nanoparticle, has an iron oxide core and a biocompatible shell. Right: iron particles inside a tumor spin in an alternating magnetic field, generating heat for tumor ablation.

Ask at our bootho find out more about our unique range of reagents and kits for imaging, detecting and localizing your targets.

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Learn more at AACR 2016, Booth #2351!




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