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Updated: March 24, 2000


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Product Name: NANO-W®
Catalog Numbers:     2018
Appearance: Colorless solution
Revision: 1.2 (March 2000)

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General Information

NANO-W is a negative stain for electron microscopy (not available elsewhere) with excellent spreading and staining properties. It is an organo-tungstate compound and is stable, non-volatile in the beam and will not denature protein samples. It is especially useful for staining isolated molecules on a thin carbon film (Ref. 1).

NANO-W is supplied ready-to-use, as a 2 % solution in water at pH 6.8.

NANO-W may be mixed with the lower atomic number NanoVan to produce intermediate stain densities.

NANO-W should be refrigerated upon receipt, and stored at 2 - 8°C.

Instructions for Use

NANO-W is supplied ready-to-use as a 2 % solution in water at pH 6.8. Apply a drop to the grid; after one minute wick (not to dryness) and reapply another drop. After one minute wick to remove the excess, air dry, and observe as usual. Other standard procedures for negative staining may also be used (Ref. 1).


  1. Oliver, R. M.; Meth. Enzym., 27, 616-672 (1973).
For an introduction to the technique of negative staining and images of negatively stained virus particles, visit Linda Stannard's Virus ultrastructure WWW pages (University of Cape Town).


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