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Updated: March 24, 2000


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Product Name: NANOVAN
Catalog Number:     2011
Appearance: Colorless or pale yellow solution
Revision: 1.2 (March 2000)

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General Information

NANOVAN is a negative stain for electron microscopy specially tailored for use with NANOGOLD antibody conjugates, not available elsewhere. It is based on vanadium, which has a lower atomic number (23) than other elements commonly used as negative stain reagents such as uranium (92), tungsten (74) or lead (82). NANOVAN is recommended for visualization of all samples labeled with NANOGOLD, and may be used in other applications where a relatively light stain is required.1, 2, 3 It produces a light, uniform negative stain. NANOVAN is stable, non-volatile in the beam and will not denature protein samples.

See our 1994 MSA paper about NanoVan.

NANOVAN is supplied ready-to-use, as a 2 % solution in water at pH 8.0. It is recommended that this product not be used at pH values lower than 7 since precipitation may occur.

NANOVAN should be refrigerated upon receipt, and stored at 2 - 8°C.

Instructions for Use

NANOGOLD labeling, washing and postfixing (if required) should be completed as directed in the instructions supplied with the appropriate product, and the specimen rinsed thoroughly with deionized water. NANOVAN is supplied ready-to-use as a 2 % solution in water at pH 8.0. Apply a few drops, sufficient to wet the specimen completely, then wick to remove the excess and observe as usual.


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    new (0.1k) See the complete paper

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For an introduction to the technique of negative staining and images of negatively stained virus particles, visit Linda Stannard's Virus ultrastructure WWW pages (University of Cape Town).


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