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Welcome to our online custom synthesis quotation form. Please complete as much of the following information as you have available. Complete information on the size, structure and properties of the compounds you wish to have us label lets us prepare quotations quickly and accurately.

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  • Amount of product.
  • Where product should be labeled - which residue or functional group.
  • Label and special properties (Nanogold®, undecagold or other gold; special solubility or ionic charge).
  • Form of the product (buffer, solvent, concentration, preservatives)
  • Cautions (Reagents or conditions which may adversely affect the molecule).

Completing the following will help us to expedite your quote. In particular, providing the following data lets us find the best procedure more quickly:

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Relevant references. Please include:

  • references describing the properties of your biomolecule.
  • references describing parallel labeling or synthesis procedures(such as fluorescent labeling).

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