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Ni-NTA-Nanogold® in hybrid technique for protein structure elucidation with nanometer precision

  • Jen-Wei Chang, Yi-Min Wua, Zi-Yun Chen, Shih-Hsin Huang, Chun-Hsiung Wanga, Pei-lun Wua, Yi-ping Wenga, Changjiang You, Jacob Piehler, Wei-hau Chang. Hybrid electron microscopy-FRET imaging localizes the dynamical C-terminus of Tfg2 in RNA polymerase II–TFIIF with nanometer precision. J. Struct. Biol. (2013).
    • A new, hybrid technique leverages the power of Ni-NTA-Nanogold® labeling, single particle analysis with EM, and FRET-- achieving nanomater precision in protein architecture mapping. The group has used this powerful method to elucidate the structure and function of key components of the DNA transcription mechanism, even revealing the movement of these parts as they interact with DNA and physically initiate transcription.


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Electron Microscopy of Protein Complexes in Suspension

  1. Zhao, G., and Zhang, P.: CryoEM Analysis of Capsid Assembly and Structural Changes Upon Interactions with a Host Restriction Factor, TRIM5α. Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 1087, 13-28 (2014).
    • 5 nm Ni-NTA-Gold used for cryo-EM studies of the binding mechanism of TRIM5α to HIV capsids.
  2. Kollman, J. M.; Zelter, A.; Muller, E. G.; Fox, B.; Rice, L. M.; Davis, T. N., and Agard, D. A.: The Structure of the gamma-Tubulin Small Complex: Implications of Its Architecture and Flexibility for Microtubule Nucleation. Mol. Biol. Cell, 19, 207-215 (2008).
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