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Gold Nanoparticles and Iodine:
Visualizing Cancer Growth for Better Diagnosis and Treatment

Researchers have found a new way to measure tumor growth, using a CT scanner, iodine, and AuroVist™ gold nanoparticles.

Their results have just been published in Physics in Medicine and Biology.

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Read the scientific paper online:
In vivo characterization of tumor vasculature using iodine and gold nanoparticles and dual energy micro-CT.
Clark, D. P.; Ghaghada K.; Moding E. J.; Kirsch D. G., and Badea, C. T.
Phys. Med. Biol.,
58, 1683-1704 (2013).

Areas of increased blood volume and vascular permeability have long been recognized as key indicators of tumor growth, and spotting them is vital for both cancer diagnosis and treatment planning. New research has found a way to clearly see these two vital signs in one color-coded image, using the unique characteristics of gold nanoparticles and iodine for contrast, and a specially tuned CT scan for each.

Read the complete paper online






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