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Micro-CT Comparison Study:
AuroVist Provides Highest X-ray Contrast and Resolution, Longest Blood Half-Life

An independent study compares X-ray contrast agents for micro-CT, and finds Nanoprobes' AuroVist the clear winner.

Their results have just been published in Academic Radiology.

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Read the scientific paper online, available from ScienceDirect:

A Comparative Analysis of Water-Soluble and Blood-Pool Contrast Agents for in vivo Vascular Imaging with Micro-CT.

Laura Nebuloni, Gisela A. Kuhn, Ralph Müller.
Academic Radiology,
2013:20, 1247-1255.

doi: 10.1016/j.acra.2013.06.003. PMID: 24029056.

Nebuloni et al. show that the gold nanoparticle X-ray contrast agent AuroVist™-15 nm demonstrates the highest contrast, the highest resolution, and the longest blood pool residence of any commercially available contrast agent used for micro-CT. In the study, which compared commonly used X-ray contrast agents containing iodine, alkaline earth metals and gold, AuroVist also received high marks for its minimal toxicity.






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