Research Scientists and Staff

Updated: October 5, 2020

Scientific Research

Dr. James F. Hainfeld, Chief Mad Scientist of Nanoprobes, Inc. Dr. James F. Hainfeld, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientist

Founder, CEO, Chairman of Board and Treasurer;
Planning, Research, Finance and Marketing.
Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 105.

Dr. Frederic R. Furuya, Ph.D.
Research Scientist and VP

Secretary and Board Member: Manufacture of gold cluster and colloidal gold reagents and conjugates. Customer service and product quality control. Research and Development.
Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 104.

Dr. Richard D. Powell, Ph.D.
Research Director

Research planning, funding and management.
Technical assistance and custom synthesis consulting.
Phone: (631) 205-9490 ext. 115; Fax: (631) 980-3608

Yaroslav Stanishevskiy
Research Assistant

Research and development of nanoparticle therapeutics.
Phone: (631) 205-9490 ext. 128

Development and Production

Claudia Clavijo
Production Manager

Coordination and management pf product development, preparation and testing. Management and maintenance of product inventory. Testing and troubleshooting product performance issues.
Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 127

Sophia Lin
Research and Development Associate

Development, optimization and testing of new products. Manufacture and testing of current products.
Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 125

Administration and Customer Service

Victoria A. Kowalski
Finance and Administration Manager

Responsible for overseeing all financial, grant, contract, human resources and office administrative duties.
Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 111

Keri Bayles
Office Assistant and Customer Service Associate

Phone: (631) 205-9490, ext. 101



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